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Menus go live on Wednesday and stay open till Saturday. Once you create an account you will receive friendly reminders when the menu goes live.


At checkout choose from one of our 5 convenient pick up locations. Norwich, Waterford, Groton and Mystic OR DELIVERY! Use our delivery finder below to see if we deliver to your area.


Our containers are compostable allowing you to feel guilt free for throwing them away! All containers are labeled with maconutrients ... so track away!

We use the freshest ingredients..... all meals are made to order!

Gluten Free & Vegetarian Options

Choose from 4 different serving sizes. Under 500 Calories, Over 500 Calories, Extra Protein & Family Style

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Paper Please!

Prepped is committed to reducing waste by serving our meals in compostable containers and bagging using paper!

Jen P

I've been ordering from Prepped for years now, and never once have I been disappointed! Lacy is an amazing chef, and always has a variety of meals to choose from. As someone who suffered with food intolerances for most of my life she has been more than accommodating at tweaking meals to make sure there are always gluten free and dairy free options. And the best part, they are so delicious!

Michelle W

Prepped has changed my life. It is convenient, affordable and the food. The food is just divine. Clean, fresh and flavorful. Side cups full of amazing fresh salad dressings. Food that's healthy and properly portioned. It saves me time and I eat healthier than if I was cooking for myself. Do I dream of sitting with a bowl of cookie dough protein balls and watching Netflix? Yes. Would I recommend Prepped to anybody mom who feels guilty about not having the time make fresh meals at home? Absolutely.

Katerine D

Prepped is genuinely a lifesaver! My husband and I both have chaotic schedules, and Prepped gives us the opportunity to eat healthy and delicious meals even when we are on the run. Ordering is incredibly easy, and I'm always looking forward to checking the menu each week for new items and past favorites. I recommend Prepped to everyone!

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